Accountant: Concept of Strategic Management

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Plan Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: February 13, 2013
University of Somalia
Department : Mba
St.Name: Abdullahi Mohomoud Warsame
Lectures: Dr.Sonkor
Task: Concept of Strategic Management
Concepts of strategic management is the future plan and process ongoing now it analyzes the major idea that taken by company’s management on behalf of the stakeholders or owners . The strategic of the company can plan the top management of the so it will connect the resources and performance in external environment .so and simply it can specify the company mission, vision and objectives. the top management of the company designs the allocating the resources to implement the company plans and projects, then they evaluate and controlees the overall performance of the company ‘s objectives . so we can say easily the of level of the strategic management is managerial role tasks they setting always the goal of the firm. The success and failure of the firm depends on the strategic they had been planned , if they considered good plan your project will success ,if accomplish the tacks that was the strategic of the firm, then the monitoring of the performance is the part of success the project. Simply we can define the strategic management as plan that we process in the future of the firm, it is the level of the managerial task , they considered the how it will the firm will be the next 3years, or if the firm is manufacture it ask its self how will be our production next three years ? they think the quantity they will produce the next three year....
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