Manage and Lead People

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Manage and Lead People and Activities within the Office Environment| Outcome covered: 1|

1.Levels of Decision Making

Two levels of decision making are:

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Strategic decisions are major decisions. They can affect the entire organisation so great care must be taken to get those decisions right. Strategic managers operate at Google Images [online]

the maximum level of management in any organisation. The posts included in strategic management are Chief Executive, Chairman, Managing Director and Directors of functions e.g. HR, Finance, Facilities and Operational Management. Strategic managers deal with the long term planning and the setting of the goals and tactics of the organisation and decides on the continuing path the organisation will go along to achieve success. They will also evaluate the processes currently used and identify any strengths and weaknesses in these processes. Strategic decisions are usually external and usually future orientated.

Strategic Managers never deal with day to day matters so the problems and decisions they have are uncommon and usually very complex so they also have the added pressure as basically the buck stops with them.

The information given to the Strategic Manager would definetly have to be up-to-date to allow long term planning of the organisation. Should a Strategic Manager be given out of date or wrong information then decisions based on this information would be unfounded and potentially destroy the long term success of the organisation.

There will also be a high degree of risk and uncertainty in any decisions made by the Strategic Manager as social and market trends cannot be dictated to. What is in fashion at the moment may not necessarily be in favour in the future.

A strategic decision the partners of Classic Interiors could make is they could expand the business by taking full advantage of the ICT system already installed. They would be able to increase their customer base by the introduction of video conferencing. By introducing video conferencing this would free up more time in the office that is spent travelling. The company website would also be kept up to date and an online service could be offered.

The decisions made above are strategic because they involve the long term planning and vision for the future of Classic Interiors. By introducing these decisions the direction of the way the business is heading will be decided and will also give the business their own identity.


Efficient Operational Managers are imperative to any organisation. They deal with the day to day running of the organisation. It is fine for Strategic Managers to have plans they wish to be implemented but the Operational Manager will be the person who is left in charge Google Images [online) of implenting any changes or ideas. They will also deal with staff rotas to ensure there is enough staff in place They will also be in charge of ensuring all equipment is maintained and running. They will also be Line Managers to many staff so they will deal with staff training and development and are usually the first port of call should any staff have any issues or grievances they wish to be dealt with. Without Operational Managers no organisation would be able to survive.

An operational decision the partners of Classic Interiors have made Tomi discussed with the staff when operationally would be the best time to call a meeting to discuss what has been happening. She spoke to the staff and they decided that between 1030 and 1130 is the best time. This means that nothing is being held up and operationally the business is still functioning at the proper level with all tasks being completed on time. They...
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