Accident Prevention Program

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PLEASE CUSTOMIZE THIS Accident Prevention Program ACCORDING TO YOUR WORKPLACE. ALSO, YOUR WRITTEN Accident Prevention Program CAN ONLY BE EFFECTIVE IF IT IS PUT INTO PRACTICE! You may follow this outline, however it is provided as an example only.

You must tailor your own Accident Prevention Program to your actual business operations and the potential hazards that may be encountered by your employees.

If you are using the electronic version, please read through the document and add and/or delete information as needed to make it job site specific. You also have the option of pressing the “F11” key to scroll through the document and enter information into certain fields that need to be customized to your specific business and/or location.

This program must be implemented in order to be effective in practice. It also needs to be updated as changes occur in your business (new equipment, new processes, etc.).

Accident Prevention Program

(Customize by adding your company name here)

Management Commitment

Safety Policy

(Customize by adding your company name here) places a high value on the safety of its employees. (Customize by adding your company name here) is committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees and has developed this program for injury prevention to involve management, supervisors, and employees in identifying and eliminating hazards that may develop during our work process.

It is the basic safety policy of this company that no task is so important that an employee must violate a safety rule or take a risk of injury or illness in order to get the job done.

Employees are required to comply with all company safety rules and are encouraged to actively participate in identifying ways to make our company a safer place to work.

Supervisors are responsible for the safety of their employees and as a part of their daily duties must check the workplace for unsafe conditions, watch employees for unsafe actions and take prompt action to eliminate any hazards.

Management will do its part by devoting the resources necessary to form a safety committee composed of management and elected employees. We will develop a system for identifying and correcting hazards. We will plan for foreseeable emergencies. We will provide initial and ongoing training for employees and supervisors. And, we will establish a disciplinary policy to Ensure that company safety policies are followed.

Safety is a team effort – Let us all work together to keep this a safe and healthy workplace.

(Customize by adding any additional policy items that you may have and/or deleting any that do not apply to your company.)

Safety and Health Responsibilities

Manager Responsibilities

1.Ensure that a plant wide safety committee is formed and is carrying out its responsibilities as described in this program. 2.Ensure that sufficient employee time, supervisor support, and funds are budgeted for safety equipment, training and to carry out the safety program. 3.Evaluate supervisors each year to make sure they are carrying out their responsibilities as described in this program. 4.Ensure that incidents are fully investigated and corrective action taken to prevent the hazardous conditions or behaviors from happening again. 5.Ensure that a record of injuries and illnesses is maintained and posted as described in this program. 6.Set a good example by following established safety rules and attending required training. 7.Report unsafe practices or conditions to the supervisor of the area where the hazard was observed. (Customize by adding any additional management responsibilities that you may have and/or deleting any that do not apply to your company.)

Supervisor Responsibilities:

1.Ensure that each employee you supervise has received an initial orientation before beginning work. 2.Ensure that each employee you...
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