Abortion as Women's Right

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Let Women Choose

Let Women Choose
Claim: Since women has the right of choice, abortion should not be banned Women right of freedom of choice
Women must have the freedom to make such a decision.
Women’s choice in certain cases is critical and personal.
Abortion gives women control over their bodies and helps them achieve equality with men.

Certain religions gives the right of abortion
Support of the Presbyterian Church in some cases.
Beliefs of the American Baptist Church in the righteousness of each individual. Support of the United Methodists when abortion reduce unwanted pregnancies. Support of the Reform Judaists in cases where the mother’s psychological status is affected.

Counter Argument and refutation
The fetus considered as human being has the right to live
The moment of conception indicates the beginning of life.
The fetus has a moral status.
Abortion terminates the life of the fetus who has the right to live

The fetus has no right since his not born
The fetus is a potential life whose existence depends on the pregnant woman who is fully formed. The fetus is not a recognized individual thus he has no right Abortion is the removal of soulless tissues

4. The stand of the bible concerning when does a life begins

Let Women Choose
No woman can call herself free if she does not own and control her body. No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother” (Weston, 1990, p.13). The phenomenon of abortion is greatly growing where it has become a topic of debate. Abortion can be described as the dissolution of pregnancy by the removal of the embryo from mother’s uterus; (Stenvoll, 2002 p.293-294). Religions have different positions concerning abortion and diverse points of view rise regarding this issue. In certain countries such as in the States, the Roe law gives women the right to have an abortion in consultation with their physician (Stenvoll, 2002 p.291). In other countries certain limitations are put such as in Germany while in Latin America, abortion is forbidden in most of its countries (Stenvoll, 2002 p.290). 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men, 100% of them will never be pregnant. Subsequently I think this decision should be left to women. Since they have the right of freedom of choice, abortion should not be banned.

Women Right of Freedom of Choice
“A mother who does not want her child should not have to bring it to life” (Weston, Weinberg 1990, p.19). Whenever we talk about abortion, one must think who’s really the victim?. I think that in this matter the victim is really subjective and one should leave the choice of abortion to the mother who is best placed to choose. For instance, feminist activists state that women must have the freedom to make a decision that is related to their lives and body, and no one has the right to impose a judgment against theirs. Being pro-choice doesn’t imply being against religion: some people believe in the teachings of church, but consider the issue of decision making a private issue and a critical matter, the woman’s choice in such circumstances is strictly personal (Niehbhur, 1998, p.21). Adding to supporting women’s rights of freedom of choice, abortion gives women control over their bodies and lives helping them achieving equality with men.

Support of Certain Religion
Writing about rights matters, I should mention the position of religion in this subject and the rights it gives. To start, the Presbyterian Church considers abortion a matter of personal and religious beliefs. Every individual must reason rationally to take such a decision. The church approves abortion in case of lack of resources needed to take care of the children (Weston, 1990, p.13). Adding to that the American Baptist churches respect the uprightness of each individual and his right to make major decisions in life without the intrusion of the government. (Weston,...
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