Abortion (Marry Anne Warren “on the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion, ” and “Utilitarianism.”)

Topics: Abortion, Utilitarianism, Ethics Pages: 4 (1602 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Abortion is the process by which an embryo or fetus is removed from the uterus, resulting in the termination of a pregnancy. Natural or non induced abortions are commonly known as miscarriages. Abortion has had a long and passionate history. It has been induced through various methods ranging from, herbal medicines, and the use of sharpened tools, physical trauma, and other traditional methods. The different legal and cultural views on abortion differ around the world, and in many regions of the world public debate over the ethics and legal ramifications of abortion are intense. The topic of abortion has brought about a series of debates, controversy, and activism. People often choose a position when it comes to abortion based off of their values or beliefs. Not only do ones beliefs pertaining to morality, responsibility, and the role of the government in public policy affect one’s view on abortion, but so doe’s religion. In many people’s lives, religion plays the most importance when making decisions. Some religions discourage abortion which in turn heavily affects the debate on abortion’s legality. In the United States, those that are against abortion or for heavier restrictions refer to themselves as pro-life. Those that are against legal restrictions on abortion describe themselves as pro-choice. The issue of abortion tends to be complicated because some groups focus on the morality of abortion while other groups focus on the laws permitting or restricting abortion. The philosopher known as Mary Anne Warren gives an example of a possible view on abortion. In her case “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion,” she argues for the idea that abortion is morally acceptable. Mary Anne Warren’s argument also coincides with the Utilitarian idea of happiness.Mary Anne Warren is an American author and philosophy professor. She is most acknowledged for her writings dealing with abortion, and her essays are frequently used as readings in academic courses dealing...
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