Effects of Abortion on the Father

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  • Published: August 19, 2011
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Abortion has been a controversial issue since its existence. When does life begin, is it a baby or a fetus, and who decides if the baby or fetus has any rights; these are questions and concerns that will remain controversial issues for years to come. Abortion has been around for a long time and it affects more than just women. However, in society today women are the only ones who decide if the baby or fetus will live or die. Does giving the expectant mother all of the rights in determining if her unborn child will live or die create a division within the family structure? Does it mean that she has more rights to the baby or fetus than the father? Abortion can have traumatic effects on the paternal (father) parent as well as the maternal (mother) parent; both may develop emotional distress and disorders, including Posttraumatic Stress, Post Abortion Stress, relationship, and sexual dysfunctions. Pre-abortion counseling can reduce apprehension and embrace a more positive experience regarding the abortion decision. In this paper I will attempt to address these concerns and look at the history of abortion, the abortion process, the effects of abortion, legalization of abortion in America, how abortion affects the father, and if pre-abortion counseling affects the abortion decision.

OVERVIEW: The medical association has acknowledged that abortion can have traumatic effects on women (e.g. Post Abortion Syndrome); however men also can be affected by abortion. Women are given special considerations because they are the carrier of the unborn. Fathers are disregarded and overlooked as the seed or bloodline of life. Today, men have no legal rights, and are not given any consideration regarding the life or death for their unborn baby. The disregard and lack of concern about the traumatic effects abortion can have on the father is evident by the limited to nonexistent research available on this topic. Nonetheless, abortion has increased...
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