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  • Published: April 28, 2013
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Cagan 1 Erica Cagan ENC1103.036/Prof. Bieze December 2, 2011 Word Count: 1147 Her Choice If a woman doesn’t have control over her own body, than does she have any control at all? Abortion has fostered one of the most controversial, contentious and ethical debates in the United States. People divide themselves into two groups: pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life argues that abortion is murder, and the mother has no right to take the life of a potential child. Prochoice “ refers to the political and ethical view that a woman should have complete right over her fertility and that she should have the freedom to decide whether she wants to continue or terminate her pregnancy” (Bose). In 1973, the Supreme Court made it possible for woman to obtain a legal abortion from well-trained medical surgeons which was a giant step forward for women’s rights (Pomeroy). Undertaking an abortion is a woman’s choice and any proposal to take away this autonomy not only violates a woman’s civil rights but would also cause many more problems in regards to a woman’s health. A woman’s autonomy is the one thing no one should be able to take away from her. Abortion is an extremely private matter that the government has no right to interfere in. If the civil rights of a person entitles him or her to not have unwanted infringements by the government and the government tells a woman that she cannot have an abortion, then is this not a violation of civil rights? Without abortion, woman would be condemned into pregnancy which “forces them into submissive roles in society” (Pomeroy). Pregnancy denounces women to “second class citizenship, since in our society, mothers are second class citizens. Once a woman becomes a

Cagan 2 mother, her resources to education, employment, and health care become severely limited” (Pomeroy). Society has no right to control what happens to a person's body, and does not try to do this to men's bodies in such a manner, so abortion “has equalized women by giving them the right to manage their own bodies” (Pomeroy). Taking away a woman’s civil rights would be simply barbaric and un-American. There is no alternative to abortion that gets the same results. Abortion is the choice not to be pregnant, adoption is the choice not to be a parent. In an ideal situation, the woman seeking an abortion would not have become pregnant, however “more than one-third of all pregnancies are unplanned” and thirty percent of those are within marriage (Abortion). In most cases of unintended pregnancies, contraceptives were used. The misconception that woman use abortion as a form of birth control is inaccurate. Only eight percent of women who have received an abortion within the past ten years were not on a contraceptive (Abortion). If a woman truly doesn’t want to be pregnant once she is, the only option is abortion. A conflict presents itself when one tries to decide when the fetus is alive. Currently, there is no proof that during the first trimester there is a baby living within the mother, the fetus is not independent (Arthur). When a woman gets an abortion, she has no intention of killing a baby; she merely wants to interrupt the growth of an embryo so it will not become a baby (Arthur). Unless everyone can agree on when life begins and it can be proven, making laws against abortion would be forcing one theory on everyone. Since the argument that “abortion is murder” is the strongest argument a pro-life man or woman might have is not proven, it weakens the argument. In order to make laws prohibiting abortion, everyone must agree on when life begins (Bose). A huge misconception about a man or woman with pro-choice views is that he or she is

Cagan 3 also pro-abortion. Those who support the pro-choice view support a woman’s rights to control what happens within her body. A woman that receives an abortion is not anti-life; she does not believe that abortion is murder (Bose). The sanctity of life must always be honored. Most women that have an...
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