!9th Century Europe and Rizal

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Rizal and The 19th Century Europe

The 19th Century Europe gave rise to different spectacular developments around the world. It was at this period in history when nationalism grew to every abused heart especially the Frenches which gave rise to French revolution. It was at this juncture that Spain had political instability which paved way to the freedom of some of its colonies. The Enlightentment Period has truly enlightened the thoughts of people for this century gave birth to the new direction of thought. Traditional mentality was said to be its first reaction, followed by the advancement of science. Another spectacular development in this era was the dispersion of brilliant thoughts from influential philosophers which made a path for freedom from traditionalism to different countries such as France and USA. True enough, this century is the century of revolution and the Enlightentment Period which served the background of thoughts in the mind of our national hero, Rizal.

Rizal as a dedicated citizen who had great hopes to gain independence to our country observed Europe and its whole events including the revolutions inside and outside the continent and its advancement. As an exceptional thinker, Rizal took the opportunity to learn and to understand the conspiracies around him and his observations made him visualize the desire of the oppressed people which he related it to his aggrieved countrymen. He witnessed the cruelties in the 19th Century Europe and saw the hearts of the people on fire. Through these, he valued freedom of thought, equality of men, he inherited nationalism. This period really made tremendous effects to Rizal and to his works such as his famous novels and the Propaganda movement which latter granted our motherland the freedom and independence after his death. Truly, 19th Century Europe served his mind right and he was able to inherit the spirit of this age.
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