Manila and Rizal Jose Rizal

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Jose Rizal
Jose Rizal is our national hero but seriously i don’t know a lot about him. But when I watched the film about Dr. Jose Rizal I was shocked and amazed because of his sacrifice for our country. I though the he was a brilliant individual. He served as an inspiration to all Filipino. During his lifetime, he spent many years outside the Philippines, enriching himself through education, especially in Madrid, Spain. The distance did not diminish nor reduce his love for his country. Far from his motherland, he looked across the seas to find its strength, as well as its weaknesses, in order to uplift it from the abuses of foreign rule.

One of the problems and this I feel strongly, with our current approach to Rizal is that it removes him from our ability to relate. But to continue to hold that up as a reason why he should be admired is kind of ridiculous. Because of how we approach Rizal, with all these misguided attempts at humanizing him, we fail to approach him as he would have wanted: Through his ideas, his dreams, his hopes, his understanding in the Philippines, his words that inspire many Filipinos. His real words, not those carefully edited. Not the number of women he supposedly slept with. And most definitely not in the number of languages he spoke.

Rizal and I shared the same belief that students must be urged by patriotic ideals and by their passionate love for their country, the Philippines, love for truth and proper values of education. Dr. Jose P. Rizal had given proof of desiring liberty for his country, and he set down as a premise, the education of the people. His teachings greatly influence in me. Like him, I believe in people power and consider myself a modern Rizal youth of today, as the hope of my motherland's tomorrow. He is very nationalistic and I want to reserve my nationalism as well. Like Rizal, I'm proud to be a Filipino.
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