Japanese Interlude the Philippines

Topics: Spain, Philippines, Democracy Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Members of propaganda movements had their own political goal that they wanted to achieved, representation of the Philippines in the Spanish court, equal rights of Filipinos with Spaniards , the freedom of speech freedom of press, but Rizal was different he has no specific political goal but had a political vision. His political vision made him different among the rest of propaganda members and these vision get the attention not only the people around him in the propaganda movement but also the people who don’t really know him personally. Rizal’s visions comprise are summed in his own words as he wrote to the Filipinos in Barcelona 1889, “God or Destiny is with us because we have justice and reason on our side, and because we fight not for any selfish motive but for the sacred love of our country and our countrymen... We fight that justice may prevail, we fight for liberty, for the sacred rights of man, and we ask nothing for ourselves, we sacrifice all for the common good “Rizal visions; justice freedoms, human rights for every Filipino are all rooted to god. His visions are part of the political goal that have mentioned, but it goes far beyond. Independence from Spain is not specifically mentioned; Rizal believed that separation from Spain would not automatically bring justice and freedom. As Rizal puts it in his novel El Fili Bustirismo in words of Fr. Florentino; “with or without Spain they would always be the same, and perhaps even worse! Why independence, if slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow? And they will be, without doubt, for he loves tyranny who submits to it!

This is why Rizal refused to lead the armed revolution even if there is a chance for it to succeed, it will not change the situation of Filipinos or even worse.1892, Rizal feel that it was the time for implementing his ideas, he founded the la Liga. Its vision looked not primarily to independence but to the creation of a society in which the right of all would be respected. Its...
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