4 P; S of Marketing

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Product Levels:

Core benefit
Core benefit is the fundamental service or benefit that the consumer is really buying. Here, in washing machines, “Clean clothes” can be called the core benefit. Basic Product
Basic product involves adding features, benefits to ensure that product offers a differential advantage from the other one’s product in the market. Basic product of any washing machine is the features that get the work of washing clothes done. Expected product

Expected product is a set of attributes and conditions which buyers normally expect when they purchase the product. Good quality machine having proper mechanism and good service can be the expected product of the washing machine. Augmented product

Augmented product is those features of the product which exceed the consumer expectations. Brand positioning and competition takes place at this level. Fully automatic, user-friendly, eco-friendly latest technology washing machine at a reasonable price is the Augmented product in our case. Potential product

It encompasses all the augmentations and transformations the product might undergo in future. New ways and technologies being searched to satisfy the wants of the customers is the potential product. Solar washing machines can be termed as the potential product in the market of washing machines.

Product Classification:

Industrial Goods

Washing machine is a consumer durable product which any buyer doesn’t need compulsorily. It is not bought frequently as well so it cannot be said convenience or shopping product. It is a consumer Specialty good which is purchased mostly once and carefully. Unsought Goods

Specialty Goods
Shopping Goods
Convenience Goods
Consumer Goods
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