Elevator Pitch

Topics: Marketing, Water crisis, Laundry Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: June 12, 2012
Elevator Pitch

Good morning,

We welcome you all to our presentation. I am ..... and this is ..... and we work at the Waterless washing machine company. We will give you a short presentation about our product the waterless washing machine. The presentation will take a few minutes of your time. First .... will tell something about the problem statement and the solution. After that I will tell something about the unique selling points. Then .... will tell something about the price and the expected turnover and the statement of need and I will end with our strategy and the conclusion of the presentation.

The problem that we want to address is that the water consumption is unnecessary high. It is unnecessary to use that much water. At some places there is a water shortage. Our product, the waterless washing machine, uses 90% less water than a normal laundry cycle. It saves 30% on costs for the consumer. So it is a win-win situation.

What distinguish our washing machine from other washing machines? The first unique selling point is that you use 90% less water. This is better for the environment, because in this way there will be no more water shortages. This is better for the environment and better for your wallet, because you pay much less for the costs of water. The second unique selling point is that the user saves 30% on costs. Because you use less water, you pay much less for the costs of the water. Thirdly is that you use now tiny plastic beads instead of water. And you can re-use the tiny plastic beads for a long time. Re-use of products is also better for the environment.

The waterless washing machine is not expensive. It costs €1000. The price is comparable to a regular washing machine. We expect a turnover of 1 million in 2015, if we assume that we sell 1000 waterless washing machines.

For a good result we have to need an investment plan. We estimate that we need €200.000 from the investors, for the development of the product and the...
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