3g to 4g Challenges and Oppurtunities

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3G to 4G Oppurtunities and Challenges

Anuja Changrani (09bec002), Bhavini Master (09bec032)

Nirma University, Inst. Of Tech.

Abstract— With the rapid development of wireless communication networks, it is expected that fourth generation mobile systems will be launched within decades. 4G mobile systems focus on seamlessly integrating the existing wireless technologies including GSM, wireless LAN, and Bluetooth. This contrasts with 3G, which merely focuses on developing new standards and hardware. 4G systems will support comprehensive and personalized services, providing stable system performance and quality service. However, migrating current systems to 4G presents enormous challenges.

Keywords— 4G , handoff, QoS, Access management.

I. Introduction
3G and 4G are standards for mobile communication. The 3G technology follows the guidelines set by the ITU; however, it is said that 4G technologies is basically an extension of 3G technologies, but there are lot of different between the two. It seems that the 4G technology is still under consideration, as ITU has still not laid down any guidelines, and this is one of the major reasons that the launch of this mobile technology is facing hurdles. The existence of 4G Networks in today’s technology-driven society is an important indicator of advancement and change. 4G networks are designed to facilitate improved wireless capabilities, network speeds, and visual technologies. It is anticipated that as these networks will continue to thrive, the demand for advanced related technologies will also grow, thereby creating new alternatives for savvy technology users to exceed their desired expectations.


In general, it is believed that the existence of the 4G network is designed to facilitate the development of a superior alternative to the existing 3G strategy in terms of quality and data transmission speed. For developers of 4G Networks, there is a great dependence upon advanced technologies and increased speed in order for the network to be a success. All the network elements in 4G are digital. i. Cost and affordability:

In terms of 4G Network cost and affordability, there are a number of issues to consider that reflect some degree of risk, as well as opportunity, so that these networks are successful once rolled out to the general public, and in general, 4G Networks are designed in order to create an environment that supports high-speed data transmission and increased profit margins for organizations that utilize these capabilities [2]. Developing a successful 4G Network platform is a positive step towards the creation of a wireless and broadband environment that possesses rapid transmission speeds, data integrity modules, and other related events that encourage users to take additional risks in promoting successful utilization of these 4G tools. ii. Features of 4G Wireless Systems:

The following are some possible features of the 4G systems :  1. Support interactive multimedia, voice, video, wireless internet and other broadband services.  2. High speed, high capacity and low cost per bit. 

3. Global mobility, service portability, scalable mobile networks.  4. Seamless switching, variety of services based on Quality of Service (QoS) requirements  5. Better scheduling and call admission control techniques.  6. Ad hoc networks and multi-hop networks.

Figure 1: 4G will allow everyone to access the Internet from everywhere using almost any wireless device. [6]

III. High layer issues
4G is going to be a packet-based network. Since it would carry voice as well as internet traffic it should be able to provide different level of QoS. Other network level issues include Mobility Management, Congestion control, and QoS Guarantees....
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