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Jimmy Canhell Intro to Mass Communications

Impact internet has had compared to the printing press
The invention of the printing press, and the internet were two very big things that impacted are culture. The printing press was invented a lot earlier than the internet and has refined are culture here in America entirely. But the new era made a new invention that swept the world dramatically as the paper did which was the Internet. People were asstonished just as they were ages ago. Something new, and original that came in use to everyone around the world. It was like someone reinvented the newspaper. I believe that the invention of the internet has impacted are culture the most compared to the printing press invention.

I say this with great confidence because as you can see everyone uses the internet. It's litterally a world wide web that has everything connected to it. Theres so many different things on the web that branch off of each other, it's almost overwhelming. People can go on the internet for anything they need. With the community always growing you can find your answer to almost any question you have, with thousands of experts working day, and night across the globe just to help you in certain situations. Using the internet is like using a tool. It's preety common to see a computer in most peoples homes. Anyone can use it for anything, such as Social Awareness, Entertainment, Knowledge, expressing your self, and many more usefull concepts that keep growing and create different ideas.

Furthermore, its impacted are culture in a way we never thought it would when it first came out. At the time when nobody really knew much about it, there was a small group of people socializing via the web who were so called "nerds" that used the internet in such a way. As the community of people grew, so did the...
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