Internet Affecting Western Countries

Topics: Sociology, Internet, Globalization Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: May 16, 2013
"The growth in the internet use has affected culture around the world, leading to a westernised, homogenous world culture"

Western culture is a body of knowledge obtain something from reason. Last 50 years internet has most impact on the world. Everything develops nowadays also internet. Internet has changed the way of researching, shopping online, communicating and advertising. Internet the global communication. The word Internet comes from "Inter-Networking". The Internet is what we call a meta network, that is a connections of networks that extend from side to side of the globe. Internet was in the beginning creator by the Department of Defence as a way to keep safe from  government imparting systems in the event of a military strike. The inimitable thing about the Internet is that it lets  many different computers to connect and talk to each other. This is able to done or achieve it  because of a set of level of quality. Culture is the arts and other event of human relating to the intellect achievement consider collectively. Culture is describes as shared attitude ideas. Everyone develop in at least one culture and their lives are effected by surrounding in that culture. Some people argue that internet affects on culture but some not. We might say that it is partially true. I am going to discuss how the cultures around the world affected by internet.

 Internet affects culture around the world and mostly in 21 century. Globalisation is a common term which is sound to describe cultures in the world.  First of all everything started with televisions. In the beginning of twenty first century people watched TV' s and learned different types of cultures. Later on Internet was produced and people stat accessing to internet and find different websites. By the help of internet human beings get familiar with new cultures and some of them decides to change their religions. Mostly young generation affects by internet. Internet communication creates new social...
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