Does Our Culture Promote Conformity?

Topics: Mobile phone, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Now a days, our culture differs from the past. We tend to be distracted from our social lives and our technology world. Every second of our lives involves using different electronic devices to satisfy our needs whether it is using a cellular phone to make calls, sending messages, or even playing games. Our way of communicating and doing anything has changed dramatically due to the change of culture. Culture does promote conformity in our society. Everyday our culture evolves more and more because technology has boomed intensely in our era. Culture differs from generation to generation due to the fact of technology, thus why both culture and technology are greatly influenced by each other.

Now we live in the 21st century, where everything revolves around the Internet and all types of machinery. From writing letters to e-mailing; going from signing our signatures with pens to signing our signatures via e-signatures. Within each day of our lives there is something new with our technology. People now are less active and rely on the Internet and machinery to do anything for us. Technology is definitely affecting our culture since our generation has changed completely within the years. For example, technology has greatly impacted cellular devices making people more satisfied when trying to communicate with whomever they need to, unlike the past where it would be a luxury to carry those big heavy cell phones.

From being bullied in our school backyard and getting wedgies to cyber bullying. A lot of people stop interacting in the real word and has moved on the digital world. The awareness of cyber bullying has been uprising as more and more kids use the Internet. Bullies have found a new way to harass and bully people now. Such as in the case of Phoebe Prince; she took her own life away due to constant harassment form classmates. At the moment it seemed okay to the students to bully other students online because it was just like how they used to bully kids in the...
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