V for Vendetta(Graphic Novels)

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Graphic Novel “V for Vendetta”

Close to the novel 1984
Which colors are associated to the 3 main characters?
V: red white black Evey: Orange Finch: grey

Themes: vendetta freedom the man behind the mask.
Is V good? There is no good and bad in this story, it just right and wrong. How is terrorism justified?
How is tourism justified?
What are the danger of democracy and dictatorship?
V, meaningful
All the chapters’ titles are beginning
Being free or nothing
Chasing freedom is human’s nature. But it is also very selfish Key Terms:
Norsefire: the government.
The Nose: smell the criminals
The Ear: Listen to what people are talking secretly
The Eyes: Spy
The Mouth: the voice from the government.
The fingers: secret polices
The fate computer: The god, Susan is in loved with it
The voice of fate: the voice from god.
Larkhill: the prison where change V
Batch 5: the experiment on V
The Shadow Gallery: V’s lair
Anarchy: no government, the main idea of the book.
V: enigmatic terrorist
Personal Accountability
Moral ambiguity

V is not a person but a symbol, an idea

Identity, individuality, idea
Evey’s personal growth through the story
At first, initially and fearful
When V tortures her, he takes everything away from her except her ideals. He forces her to defend her ideals, against pain of death, he free her from her fear, and gives her the tools necessary to defend that last inch of her

Totally Free

In the story, everyone hide behind a mask

Essence vs. Existence
To be outside: the person that you are can be seems by others

What I do define who I am-----------Existence
What I am define what I do--------Essence

What makes you unique?
My surface and the personality.
What is your weakness as individual?
Lazy and lukewarm
What is your strength as an individual?

Not easily frustrated. Optimistic...

Everyone can work and communicate.
A few people will control other people.

Valerie and Ruth It’s small and it’s fragile and it's the only thing in the world that’s worth having. Last Inch
It is what remains after everything has been stripped away.
It's what we hold on to the most.
It's what we cherish the most.
It's the core of who we are.
Believe, love, everyone is different.
Become transfixed, impossible to move. Become Transfigured
Remain what you feel right now. Don’t change anymore, show the last inch of you to everyone. Gustave Le Bon
Group Psychology
* Group breed conformity
* You become your job(Zimbardo 1972)
* Leaders gain trust by conforming
* Groups can improve performance
* People will loaf

Zimbardo Experiment
Change the rules
Some people want to become leaders
Groups breed conformity
Asch 1951
People affect people’s idea
Leaders gain trust by conforming
Initially fitted with the group and slowly suggested the new idea Performance-Triplett 1898 noticed that racing cyclist with a pacemaker covered each mile about 5 seconds quicker than those without People will loaf-Ringlemann 1890’s found participants in a tug o’ war would put 50% less effort when they were team on 8 then when they are alone Why?-People can be compare.

March 14th
Talk about individuality vs. behavior
Think Talk
What is V as a symbol?
The mask, Letter V, What does V embody
Hide your identity.
He is who he chooses to be.
Inspire Fear/Someone’s face
V-victory; room number; versus/conflict; peace; VERITAS-truth; Violet Carson, Valerie V’s mask represents a few things. On one level, it represents the concept of identity vs. the ideal V’s true identity is never revealed because it doesn’t matter who he turned out to be- he represents a greater ideal, and abandoning his individual identity underneath the mask is the embodiment of that. The mask also represents opposition and revolt, due to the origins of its design. The mask is modeled after Guy Fawkes, who is known for attempting to blow up the British...
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