Cellist of Sarjevo

Topics: Kill, Sniper, The Kills Pages: 9 (3486 words) Published: January 6, 2013
ISU Journal #2

Characterization: Arrow (Chapter 1)
* 28 years old, female sniper
* She only shoots enemy soldiers in the hills “There is a difference between Arrow and the snipers in the hill; she shoots only soldiers. They shoot men, women and children.” (Pg. 11) * Arrow shoots the soldiers because; “Arrow pulls the trigger and ends the life of one of the soldiers in her sight, she’ll do so not because she wants him dead, although she can’t deny that she does but because the soldiers have robbed her and almost everyone else in the city of this gift. That life will end has become so self-evident it’s lost all meaning.” (Pg. 12) * She is more superior to other “hunters”, she can make a bullet do things others can’t (Pg. 10) * She has trouble understanding why others can’t do what she can * She has big blue eyes and shoulder length black hair

* Arrow has been hired to take out the enemy forces to help fight the war against Sarajevo. * Arrow isn’t her real name. “Using her real name would make her no different from the men she kills. It would be a death greater than the end of her life” (Pg. 13) * This is unique because from the first time she picked up a riffle she called herself Arrow, protecting her and those she fights for: her city. * “Because of what they’ve done to her, has created a desire to separate the part of her that will fight back, enjoy fighting to the part of her that never wanted to fight.” (Pg. 13) The war has changed her personable nature and thought. This is part of the developing theme of transformation. * “Her new identity Arrow caused by what the soldiers have made her become” (Pg. 13) Arrow has developed and obtained a new identity that she must protect herself and fight for those of Sarajevo and she has no other moral option * She’s experienced and dangerous. She knows all the strategies, takes all risks and challenges. * “Arrow herself is a weapon.” (Pg. 13)

Characterization/Plot: Arrow (Chapter 2)

* “We have a special assignment for you. An important assignment.” (Pg. 69) Arrow is being asked to protect the cellist from the snipers. Arrow is being asked to take the role of protecting the only thing the city has left: The cellist * “She thinks of this in the context of pulling the trigger and ending a life.” (Pg. 96) Arrow wasn’t a killer before the war and turned into one because of it. She doesn’t like it but must do it. * “Arrow will keep this man alive. This wasn’t ever really in doubt but neither had she decided she would do it. Now, as she sits where he sits, she tells herself that she will not allow this man to die.” (Pg. 97) Arrow feels strong responsibility of the cellist’s life and urges to keep him alive for her and the city. * She knows there is a sniper in the building across the road so she goes up into a building and tries to spot him but she can’t. She can’t blow her cover. * Arrow is also worried about herself because: “She’s beginning to think perhaps she has lost her way, perhaps she isn’t the weapon she was just a few days ago.” (Ph. 137) * She is contradicting whether she is the same “weapon” the war had turned her into, as she was earlier. * Self-realization? Is Arrow questioning her ability to carry out her responsibilities and duties for Sarajevo, the cellist and herself? * “When her neighbor Slavko was killed by a sniper on his way back from collecting water, shot clean through the neck, they took him to the Kosevo Stadium, now made into a burial ground.” (Pg. 138) Arrow thinks about all of the people she had lost during the war, and how the Kosevo Stadium had turned into a burial ground. * Slavko was Arrow’s neighbor, he died from a sniper. Arrow went to his funeral. * At the funeral they hear shots being fired at them from the hills. Everyone but Arrow and a larger man jumped into a dugout grave. The man asks her why she didn’t jump into the grave, she says that she was worried that...
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