V for Vendetta Essay

Topics: V for Vendetta, Old Bailey, Guy Fawkes Night Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: October 21, 2012
V For Vendetta – Great Film but C For Confusing…

When I first saw the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ (2006 James McTeigue) I didn’t know anything about it at all. Despite the very complex and confusing story line though, it was a very enjoyable and engrossing film. This Sci-Fi Action film is set in the near future in London and is about a terrorist, V (Hugo Weaving), who with the help of his friend Evey (Natalie Portman) plans to blow up Parliament, just like his hero, Guy Fawkes. V has many similarities to Guy Fawkes, from what sets out to do and donning a Guy Fawkes mask and long, dark cape.

The film is based at young adults, teenagers and those people who like action, mystery and Sci-Fi movies.

V is a quite confusing character because of his antics and what he’s doing. He’s determined to bring the totalitarian government down, which links in to one of the movie’s ‘slogans’ “The people shouldn’t be scared of the government, the government should be scared of their people” He is also trying to get revenge on the people who treated him and others like guinea pigs by trying to perform medical experiments on them all. Every prisoner in the camp died except him. One of the reasons he calls himself V is because he was held in the 5th cell at the Lark Hill complex or V in Roman Numerals, which was on his door.

The plot of the movie is very complex and confusing. It takes quite a while to figure out what V is planning to carry out and for what reason. During several flashbacks we see why V is seeking revenge on the people in charge at the Lark Hill complex where he was imprisoned and tortured. The movie starts with Evey going out, and is approached by a pair of thugs who intended to mob and rape her, when V saves her. He takes Evey back to his hideout and shows her his demolition of the Old Bailey building. After a while, she leaves V’s hideout and rushes to Gordon’s house, her former boss at BTN. After being at Gordon’s for a while, they’re both captured and...
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