Beast of the Southern Wild

Topics: English-language films, Universe, Suffering Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Beast of Southern Wild

This week on English 2, we viewed a film called “The Beast of the Southern Wild”. I have never seen a film like this one, it was a wonderful film. I was stunned, speechless and crying as well. However my shock was trumped by pride. Pride, because this little girl and her father taught me a great lection in my life. Hushpuppy lived in a community that I can hardly imagine living there, a community forgotten by its motherland. Entrapped by water, she lived with a father who was often drunk, abusive, neglectful, but who cares for her deeply. He’s tough love prepares her for the unraveling of the universe and a time when he’s no longer there to protect her. Being strong and firm with her not only shapes her view of life, it also molds her into this universe where only the strong survive. Also they are not alone, they are rounded by residents who live day-to-day. Knowing that at any moment their homes will be washed away, but this doesn’t stop them. Instead these people are happy with their lives, even proud of their heritage too. I found myself feeling a deep empathy and desire to cohabit with Hushpuppy and her clan of neighbors. These are people with an energy and life rarely seen. To deal with pain and suffering, they drink like fish and feast on crab legs and catfish, while singing songs of joy. It’s a lifestyle peaceful enough for them to fear being discovered by others in the city that will take them away from what they love. This made me realize that what you have or how you look doesn’t matter at all! Instead, what matter is that what you have in your heart. This film touched my heart deeply, and because of that my reflection is that when you bring the sun inside, no matter if it’s raining. Maybe every day may not be good but there's always something good every day. Throughout our lives we will find golden ages, moments of full sun others with clouds and storms. But never forget that you have within you everything you need to...
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