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Tuesday, December 8, 2009
A problem that occur in most states is vandalism. Vandalism is a growing international problem that keep on arise by day to day. According to statistics, there are almost 492 cases was being reported at police department last year. This problem has made the community become uncomfortable because they didn’t can’t use the accommodation that being provide by the government effectively. Vandalism also is a problem that gets in everyone in some form or another. It can affect your family, friends, property, community and your pocketbooks. The more you know about vandalism, the more you can make it a crime that is more trouble that it worth. Labels: FADILAH

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First we will look at what is the meaning of vandalism itself. Vandalism is the act of damaging or destroying public facilities or private property without valid reason in law. By doing this action we can conclude ourself as a national crime. Vandalism cause the public and private losses suffered because forced to remove the cost to repair and replace item that damaged. Government have spent billion of ringgit in order to repair all the broken accomodities that have been done by the vandalism. This act can be done by individuals or collectivity.

There are many reasons that may have lead to vandalism to get something such as money from public phone, to enter a place such as breaking into homes, to express an idea and trust such as doing graffiti to some of the wall in public area, to avenge, to express dissatisfaction against other people or organization, for enjoyment and fulfillment or to be accepted as friends or member of a group. This of some of the reasons that always being seen and identified. This vandalism act oftently being done by the the people who likely be in forced condition. Maybe because of this they will do anything to get out from his or her problem by doing vandal and such.

Vandalism can occur whether in group or individuals. Youth nowadays always get involved in social group that may be a crime group. They joint th group in order to feel protect by other because when they being harm, the other people can give help. They also want to feel grand because all the community or other youth fear of them. As a result, they will think that their status will be increase rapidly. Labels: FADILAH

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The consequent of people or youth that have been in vandal act is they may be engaged in other misconduct such as sexual harassment, invasion, theft and natural environment pollution. They will also get bad reports from the School as this may reduce their opportunity to succeed in life. Active teenagers who do 'vandalism' will easily become criminals when adult and may be involve in violence.

Finally, as a closing of this essay, there are many disadvantage of applying this act because it will harm yourself than joy. In order to prevent the vandalism from happening, parent should take good care of their children like know who is their friend, where they going and else. This the elder said that children is like a plain cloth and the parent is responsible to decorate it. Labels: AZURA

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Common types of vandalism include breaking windows and doors, ripping up gardens, and spaying paint on walls (graffiti) Where and when does Vandalism Occur? Vandalism occurs in a wide array of areas. Frequent targets include public telephone boxes, bus shelters, places of worship, cemeteries, road and street signs, street lighting, parks, playing fields, and railway stations. This criminal act also occurs where building design and lighting offers concealment and anonymity, in areas frequented by youth such as schools, shopping centre and public buildings, in unoccupied...
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