Low Clearance Rate

Topics: Crime, Crime prevention, Police Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Tawyna C Robinson Banks

Explain some of the reasons that the clearance rate is so low? One reason for a low clearance rate could be due to the number of random crimes. Typically crimes with motives or close personal links are easier to solve and provide leads. However, a random act of violence leaves a much broader range of suspects. Research problem with solving burglaries?

The biggest problem with solving crime is police doesn’t respond to break in unless somebody is hurt or dead. Due to the high crime death rate due to gun violence police is to respond only to that. You Can call 911 all you want , but there will not be any respond by the law coming were you are.(Charles Richardson's) informative column on (Macon and Bibb County crime statistics) points out that while aggravated assaults have declined in the city and county, residential burglaries are up 6% over last year. These burglaries are associated with drugs and violence. The reality is that police cannot be everywhere all the time to protect our homes. Roadblocks and visible police presence may deter crime briefly, but unless we turn society into a police state even those measures will not suffice. Citizens must take some responsibility for their own safety. The truth is the police, despite their motto “to protect and serve,” cannot be everywhere. Let's remember that courts have ruled the police do not have a legal obligation to protect individuals; the police owe a duty to protect the community at large (Bowers v. DeVito; 1982) but not individual persons, homes, or businesses. www.haciendapub.com What could be done to improve the possibility of solving a burglary? There are many different device and neighborhood watch that everybody can get together to do to stop burglary. Like the police say they can’t be there every time we call. So that why us as people need to team up and make changes and end burglary. As a community we can have a Neighborhood Watch, Video Surveillance, (Elicka S. L...
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