Crime and Police Department

Topics: Crime, Police, Criminology Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Predictive Policing
A study shows, crime rates in New York City in the years between 1990 through 1998, crimes such as murder has decline by over 70%, theft by over 60 %, and violent acts by over 50%. These reductions were the largest ever recorded in the history of crime in New York City. There were three ideas develop by individuals who were part of the study to implement a strategy that reduces crimes (2001). First idea was to have a problem solving technique. This advance proposition was a theory by Professor Herman Goldstein. He strongly believed, police officials have had disconnect between incidents versus problems. Professor Goldstein wanted to reverse that theory and detect an incident that can turn into a problem. The second idea was introduce by Professor James Q. Wilson and George Kelling. These two individuals believed, creation of public disorder were failure by police officers in which they could not control minor offenses. Therefore, these two authors believe police officers can impact the community by responding to social controls and take charge from that aspect. This implementation was a good method to reduce neighborhood fear and prevent crimes (Broken Windows). The third idea was implemented by Commissioner William Bratton. The Compstat program started by a management team in New York in which commissioner William Bratton was appointed as head of the police department to incorporate the Compstat model. The model was a basic process on how to collect abstract information and analyze data. He invested in his staff to devolve both resources and decision-making to higher management. This will make commanders get together for weekly planning’s, in which precinct commanders had to identify and provide solutions to incidents. Based on their conclusion, the police department will be accountable for their decisions measured by all resources and selected tactics. The pressures were on their precinct because it was a reflection on their...
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