American History of Policing - Essay

Topics: Police, Robert Peel, Crime Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: February 11, 2013
American History of Policing
Nickea Freber
February 4, 2013
William Cobasky

American History of Policing

The United States has a very strong background on their state and federal policy system. Throughout the years the American Policing System has had a lot of impacts. There are different agencies in the criminal justice system that covers state and federal. The relationship between state and federal can affect the police and the way they practice different things.

In the history of policing, the early colonist followed an English style of policing; monitoring the whole community and their behaviors, moral, and the civil obligations rather than the criminal issues. Any citizens that preformed these policing duties were referred to as a civic duty, there was no training or any pay that was offered to them that did not want to join the others to serve their watch began to pay others to their duty for them.

Sir Robert Peel

Sir Robert Peel had drafted a thing called Peelian principles which was then helped to introduce the modern policy. Peel was able to establish a modern police force in 1829 with ethical values. In that same year, Sir Robert Peel named the police Metropolitan Police Force. It was established in London to reduce crimes and to enforce the laws. Peel thought it was a great idea of policing, and became very successful throughout the United Kingdom. At the same time there were a lot of issues in the United Kingdom along with the United States with the law enforcements. Sir Robert Peel then stated that there are nine principles to policing. The nine principles still stand in the United Kingdom and in the United States today. First principle is the main reason police exist today, to prevent disorder and crime. Second principle, police officers are able to perform their jobs on a daily bases and are department on the public’s approval for the police actions. Third principle is to make sure to secure the public’s cooperation and...
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