Uniform Crime Reports

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Uniform Crime Reports One

Uniform Crime Reports
Nicole Gent
August 8, 2011
Ron Alter

Uniform Crime Reports Two
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has collected and organized crime related information from each state compiling the data to theorize the rise and fall of crime and criminal behavior. Why, where, when, and who the crime is committed by are all documented and used to monitor crime levels in society. From January to June of 2010, Phoenix, Arizona saw a monumental rise in the number of reported robberies in the city. In 2009 there was 470 robberies documented by the police department. In the year 2010 the number raised 1027 robberies that were reported to total 1497. The number of aggravated assaults was on the rise as well. In 2009 there were 122 documented accounts of aggravated assault. A year later the number rose to 1893. The number reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation was 2015. This crime census was documented with considerations of the population which was listed at 1,597,397 last counts. Phoenix has been leading the country in the removal of illegal aliens who are residing there. The former Immigration and Naturalization Service reported that in the year 2000, the amount of illegal immigrants living in the United States was topping 7 million. In 2005, the number of illegal aliens living in the United States was topping 10 million. During this time there was a significant rise in the crime rates. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report showed a slow but steady yearly increase in crime rates (Kouri 2006). The studies and statistics showed that 15% of robbery and burglary crimes were committed by illegal aliens and 12% of aggravated assault...
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