Tv Production Notes

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Chapter 4 Notes

A clear understanding of the process message (desired effect) will help you decide on the most appropriate type of production (single-camera or multicamera, studio or field, recorded or live, continuous or discontinuous takes for postproduction) and t he medium requirements. A careful script analysis should lead to a locking-in point- an especially vivid visual or aural image-that determines the subsequent visualizations and sequencing. Visualization (mentally seeing and hearing key images) is crucial for the successful translation of script to screen event. The floor plan or location sketch enables the director to plan camera and talent positions and traffic. The storyboard shows drawings or computer generated images of key visualization points of an event with accompanying audio information as well as the proper sequencing of shots. When preparing the show for the actual production day, you must interpret the floor plan for location sketch and mark the script. The important aspects of god script marking are readability and consistency. Precise and easy-to-read script markings help you and other production personnel anticipate and execute a great variety of cues. The director’s immediate support staff normally compromises a floor manager, a PA (production assistant), and, in larger productions, an AD (associate or assistant director). The facilities request is an essential communication device for procuring the necessary production facilities and equipment. The production schedule shows the preproduction, production, and postproductions dates and who is doing what, when, and where. 9ik The time line shows a breakdown of time blocks for various activities on the actual production day. To facilitate communication between the director and the technical and nontechnical personnel, the director must establish a specific routine and stick to it. E-mail messages must be immediately acknowledged by the recipient....
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