Mgt 521 Week 1

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Communication Channel Scenarios
Gus Ramos
MGT 521
September 24, 2012
Thomas Kenfield

Communication Channel Scenarios
Scenario I
To communicate the information effectively from the Vice President of Communications to the team, an appropriate channel would be a face-to-face conversation. The client is new to the company and in a meeting the team will be able to discuss the parameters, deadlines, and the client. The meeting ensures the team is aware of the client’s criteria. “Face to face conversation scores the highest in channel richness because it transmits the most information” (Robbins & Judge, 2011). The appropriate channel to communicate back to the vice president can be an electronic email. The e-mail can use bullet points to sum up the team meeting, direction and goals. The vice president will be able to send check in emails at different points during the follow-up on the strategy. “E-mail messages can be quickly written, edited and stored” (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Due to a one week timeline, time spent arranging a face to face meeting would take precious time out of the short deadline. Scenario II

To communicate information effectively with the IT department, an appropriate channel would be a telephone conversation. The channel is appropriate to contact IT immediately without unnecessary time spent waiting e-mail response or any other form of electronic communication. Login information is essential for day-to-day activities and any delay may cost the company customer service time or client time. To communicate back to the 11 employees, an e-mail communication containing login information would be effective in getting employees the necessary information immediately. Because the application is widely used by several employees, the one e-mail will allow management to focus attention on other areas rather than visiting each employee face-to-face. Scenario III

To communicate the information effectively to the employees, an appropriate...
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