Spanish Oral Rubric

Topics: Grammar, Linguistics, Inflection Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Oral Exam| Excellent 4 pts| Good 3 pts| Fair 2 pts| Poor 1 pt| Content| Student completes all tasks given and incorporates other tasks previously learned. Mastery of a variety of grammar structures and vocabulary is evident.| Student completes all tasks but does not incorporate tasks previously learned. A small amount of variety in grammar structures and vocabulary is included| Student completes some but not all tasks assigned. Basic grammar and vocabulary are the base of the presentation| Student completes some but not all tasks assigned. Development of vocabulary and grammar is necessary| Organization and presentation| Student is prepared and rehearsed with no pauses. Does not need to use notes. Connects with the class (eye contact, etc)| Student is prepared and somewhat rehearsed. Presentation has very short pauses. Student glances at notes from time to time | Student could have practiced more. Long pauses may interrupt flow of presentation. Student has to rely often on notes or backtrack to a missed point. | Had difficulty understanding presentation. Obviously not rehearsed. Too many long pauses or reading directly from notes.| Accuracy (grammar & syntax)| Practically no errors. Student shows an excellent command of grammar for his/her level.He/she uses basic and more –complex grammatical structures, generally accurately.| Sporadic errors. Student shows a developing command of structures studied and may self-correct while speaking.He/she uses basic grammatical structures, generally accurately. There are some attempts at more-complex structures.| Several errors. Student makes several errors including common agreement errors, but these do not obscure the main points and meaning in understood by teacher.There is some inappropriate word choice. The student uses basic grammatical structures, though with some errors.| Numerous errors interfere with communication and cause difficulty in understanding. The student uses a limited...
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