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Topics: Antisocial personality disorder, Mental disorder, Dissociative identity disorder Pages: 24 (5180 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Final Study Guide

The Final is on Tuesday, 05/01 at 5pm in our normal class room

Test 1

1) One reason consumers should be cautious with respect to information that is available on the World Wide Web is that
A) one often cannot tell if the source is legitimate.

2) A theory is defined as an organized set of concepts that explains a phenomenon or set of phenomena. - True

3) Scientists who have studied pain mechanisms have discovered that

C) pain signals are sent to the central nervous system via two pathways.

4) When grading the exam, the experienced teacher had few problems reading the student's sloppy handwriting because she had asked this question before and knew in advance what the student was likely to write. This example shows most clearly the importance of

A) top-down processing.

5) Even though you have been especially careful looking for spelling errors in your paper, your teacher has circled several typographical errors. Your inability to catch these errors is best explained by

C) perceptual set.

6) Treatments for mental illness, the ability of people to eliminate unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and initiate healthy behaviors such as exercise, and the development of positive parenting practices are all consistent with the idea that

B) psychological knowledge can be used to help improve the quality of life.

7) Much of the history of psychology has been characterized by
A) the belief that ideas matter greatly.

8) The mother of a little boy being treated with chemotherapy for cancer is counseled to try to create a "scapegoat" aversion for her son. This means that the mother should
A) give him candies or ice cream of unusual flavors before the treatments.

9) Even after a classically conditioned response has been extinguished, it may reappear. True

10) In 1908, Hermann Ebbinghaus wrote that "Psychology has a long past, but only a short history." Which statement best captures the idea that Ebbinghaus was expressing?

B) Questions about human nature have existed for a long time, but only recently have the methods necessary to answer them been developed.

11) Questions about how the mind works and the nature of free will can be traced back to

D) the fourth and fifth centuries B.C.

12) In a study by Becker and Eagly in which they examined the male and female participation in "Doctors of the World", an organization, their primary source of data was:

D) by assessing archival records.

13) At the conclusion of the experiment, the researcher explains to the participants that it was necessary to provide them with inaccurate information in order to minimize bias. She goes on to say that even though their data has been collected, they can still withdraw their data if they choose to do so. The researcher is carrying out the process of

C) providing debriefing information to the participants.

14) Nature is to nurture as heredity is to

C) environment.

15) The goal of the Human Genome Project is to
A) identify all of the human genes.

16) The myelin sheath, which is found around some types of axons,

B) is composed of glial cells.

17) A mystery writer can't decide how the victim will meet his end. One possibility is to have him suffer botulism poisoning, but curare, a poison used by Amazon Indians is also a possibility. In either case, the victim's death will involve the neurotransmitter

A) acetylcholine.

18) Apprehending objects and events in the environment, sensing them, identifying them, reacting to them, implies the process of:

D) perception

19) Which of the following examples is most like the sensory process of transduction?

A) The use of solar panels to run washing machines.

20) When people become blind, it is usually because

B) the rods and cones are affected by a degenerative disease.

21) A man and woman are farm workers. The man is paid every week for his work, while the woman is paid for every...
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