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Topics: Employment, Identity theft, Background check Pages: 5 (1518 words) Published: March 7, 2013
There are many selection tools available to today's human resource management teams. A supermarket may make use of many of these tools. This paper will discuss the top three tools that the author has chosen for a supermarket to use in its hiring decisions. The author of this paper will also share the tool that the author considers the most important and why the author feels this way. According to Bohlander and Snell (2007), the primary pre-employment selection tools that are used in by Fortune 1000 companies are: criminal records checks, employment verification, drug screening, education verification, reference checks, verification of professional licenses and/or certifications, motor vehicle records checks, credit history, and integrity evaluations. A new tool being used in pre- and post-employment selection is something called behavioral analysis. This is a psychological test that finds the psychological base of the employee or applicant. This tool can be used to assist a human resources manager in placing applicants in positions that best suit their psychological base, which sets in around the age of seven. This item will be discussed more in a later paragraph.

The first tool the author would like to discuss is the criminal records check. This tool is one that has become standard according to Bohlander and Snell (2007), in order to help prevent items such as embezzlement, theft, and workplace violence to name a few things. Bohlander & Snell (2007) also touch on the fact that, "...state courts have ruled that companies can be held liable for negligent hiring if the fail to do adequate background checks," (p. 254). It is the belief of the author that if someone has committed a crime in the past such as those mentioned above, that they have the ability to commit that same crime again, or possible other crimes as well. This would be beneficial to a supermarket to curb theft of merchandise and cash drawer theft. A marked disadvantage to this tool is that a crime may not show up on the person record at the time of their application for a new position, leaving the new employer clueless to a crime the applicant may have committed.

The second tool that would help a supermarket's human resources team make their hiring decisions would be the reference check. This allows the human resources team to make sure the person that is up for hiring consideration has adequate experience to do the job for which they have applied. Reference checks also give information on items such as wages, if the applicant was late or missed work a lot, and if they have been honest on their application. Though this tool is helpful, many states have laws to limit what information can be given to those calling for reference checks on previous employees. Bohlander & Snell (2007) tell that previous employers are sometimes reluctant to give much information about former employees as there have been cases where former employers have been sued for giving a poor recommendation on the applicant being checked. So, even though this is a good tool, it is limited by how comfortable the previous employer is about releasing information on previous employees. This leads one to believe that this would be a good selection tool for an employee who was astute, but may not be at all helpful when calling on an applicant who may have been less than par at their previous position.

The third pre-employment selection tool that a supermarket may use is behavioral analytics or behavioral metrics. This is a tool the author has used in the past when hiring new employees. This tool gages the psychological base of the applicant and gives the applicant an understanding as to how to deal with customers should they be selected for the position for which they have applied. The psychological bases that set in around the age of seven are reactions, emotions, reflections, opinions, action, and thought. When a person is under pressure, they will automatically fall into one of these...
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