Employee Selection the Role of Hrm Finding the Right Candidate

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Denise L. Thomas Dr. Courtney Bibby

Human Resource Management MBA 605
March 2, 2013
Employer Selection the Role of HRM finding the Right Candidate
The role of Human Resources Management, here in after referred to as HRM has many faces; the most important role that HRM assumes is in the staffing of human resources. This paper will explore the methods and strategies that are used in the selection for Mr. or Ms. Right. Do HRMs handle this important role with expertise? Employment selection impacts many levels, as it delivers an important net result. Companies are as good and productive as the employees that represent them. Employee selection has a vital role in the success of all companies. Most would agree the reason we return to a favorite restaurant, retailer or business establishment is largely due to the personnel.

A new product launch, operational production requirements, an aging workforce and seasonal demands, are all reasons management will turn to the HRM manager for support in addressing their staffing needs. HRMs will conduct a needs assessment for reaching the hiring goals and objectives. “Hiring the right person the first time doesn’t happen by accident; it happens by design. Always be clear about the position you want to fill-long before interviewing. Define the

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position based on what your business needs. Identify the standards, skills and knowledge that the perfect hire would have”. (Cameron & Keis, 2003). Now, with a firm understanding of the expectations needed for hiring. The HRM manager needs to enlist potential candidates to meet these objectives.

Recruiting in todays’ world of the internet is much more efficient than methods of the past. There are numerous job boards to begin your recruiting process. Job boards like Career Builder and Monster service many employer’s with various hiring needs, they have proven creditability for attracting quality job seekers. A consultant will assist the HRM manager to achieve the visibility and positioning to attract candidates to their web page. Although the internet provides a great resource for pooling talent, there are other tried and true methods for recruiting.

Internal job postings are a great opportunity for current employees to consider advancement; this also gives management an idea of personnel seeking to move forward within the company. In many cases word of mouth will yield good results for networking and recruiting for career openings. Current employees may have knowledge of someone whom they feel would be great for a position. It’s a good idea to include different types of recruiting to gain a broader reach for talent.

The most time consuming part of recruiting is the first round of interviews. It is common for HRMs to schedule phone interviews with applicants. The phone interview allows the ability to gage the potential of a candidate before bringing them in for a face to face

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interview. Phone interviews will able HRM to address any question you may have about items on a job application or resume. The phone interview may incorporate questions that are behavioral and those that are situational. This type of inquiry will be helpful in examining the ways an applicant handles conflicts and problem solving. This may also illustrate the applicant’s ability to lead and persuade other towards a preferred outcome. Another important aspect included as part of the pre- interview is testing. “Testing and assessments are a must for your short-list interview process.” (Cameron & Keis, 2003). The analysis of behaviors prior to the face to face interview should not be overestimated. Currently these exams are...
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