Recruiting Methods

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Employment agency Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: August 10, 2008
In society today, the process of recruiting new employees has changed enormously. Some of the recruiting process offers many advantages as well as disadvantages to both the business and its prospective employee. One internal and three external ways that I could recruit for the job in my final assignment is through the internet, private employment, newspaper advertisement, and employee job board(hiring within company). The internet recruiting methods are the most common method used today, and the many advantages consist of lower costs, time saving, and extra information about each applicant. I believe like the resume method, the online method can also place a greater risk for attracting dishonest and unqualified people. Private employment and temporary agencies charge client fees to cater to their client and provide quality employees to fill open positions. Also, the cost of conducting employment through temporary agencies is often lower than those of permanent employees; if they are laid off, temps can be dismissed without the possibility of collecting unemployment. Advertising has the benefit of accomplishing a greater audience of potential applicants. Advertisement unlike the internet is known to be time-consuming and requires creating a design and message that are well written and stress the qualification to the applicant. Also, many unqualified candidates are attracted to jobs through advertisement placing a burden on business. Recruiting from inside through message board s can encourage current employees to continue outstanding performances. The employee knows first hand through past and current performance if they are qualified for the position. I believe that conflict could arise between employees based on not being promoted to a position to which they feel are qualified for. In conclusion the best way to fill a position would be first to find the type of candidate that I would want to recruit. Next would be to select...
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