How to Measure the Success of Your Recruiting Process in the Short Term and Long Term

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Recruiting process often requires a necessary financial dealings and a larger amount of time and money. Many businesses have this recruiting process and they want to know how successful their recruitment efforts are. By measuring the success of recruiting process, one could better decide if any strategic changing or alteration for getting optimal success is needed or not. The one real measure of the success of recruiting process is how well the recruited individuals execute their work. Other ways to measure recruiting process includes survey of the recruited individuals. On this survey ask them to elucidate what they found effective and ineffective in the recruitment process. By using this information we can improve our recruitment process. A best approach to measure recruitment process is to look at the performance of the fresh employees after the initial probation period. Also by studying the turnover rate in the companies we can determined that the method of recruitment and selection of right people is correct or not. Ask for the employee feedback about recruitment method; ask them whether the selection method had any effect on their decision to accept the position. Positive feedback shows that we select the right employee. By monitoring the speed of recruitment process like by keeping the records of date on which we started recruited individuals and the date on which they accept or reject our offer, in such way we can determined that how much time we are giving on recruitment process. Thus by measuring the success of how well the recruit and select of employees will save the interview time and advertising expenses. Therefore it is vital that recruitment process are carefully planned to ensure an even and right application of the process.
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