Job Description Matrix

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Employment agency Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Job Description Matrix
Learning Team C: Sonya Smith, Amanda Abbott, Jessice Aller, Monique Lancelin, Michelle Mahan, Luanne Stone, and Lesley Young
August 22, 2011
Mark Stricklett MBA, CHSA

Recruitment Strategy or Method| External or Internal| Appropriateness for Health Care| Career and Job Fairs and/or Exhibits are the recruitment strategy that will be a topic of discussion. | Sending a recruiter to set up at a job fair or to have an exhibit at a college or even high school is considered to be an external direct method of recruiting. The method of recruitment normally refers to the means by which a facility reaches a potential job seeker. Methods of recruitment are different from the recruitment resources. Methods are the means of establishing contact with prospective job seekers. While the resources are the location in which the job seekers can be found. | Therefore, having a seminar or an exhibit at a career or job fair is more than befitting for the health care profession. A college campus gives the organization a direct link to find and inquire the most knowledgeable candidates. The professors at the college will most likely let a facility solicit their information about the desired job openings and the kind of employees they are trying to recruit. There will most likely be more than one organization at a job fair. It is important that the recruiter is aware of the compensation rates and benefits of each competitor at the job fair so they can have the best benefit package to offer (Lingham, 2008). | Referrals From Current Employees | | |

Internet Job Search Engines In today’s market both the employers and job searchers are using online recruitment. Generally online recruitment yields far more resumes than other forms of recruitment. Three advantages to using online recruitment is; larger pools of candidates, quicker position fillings, and cost; less human resources staff is needed for recruitment duties. The...
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