Hrm/240 Week 3 Selection Tools Assignment

Topics: Employment, Identity theft, Fair Credit Reporting Act Pages: 5 (1477 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Selection Tools
September 12, 2010
Karen Hanes

Selection Tools
Three selection tools that I would consider using for a hiring program at a supermarket are: job history, interview process, and a criminal background check. I believe that all three tools would be a good choice when deciding on whether or not to hire an applicant. I chose job history as one of my selection tools, because I would want someone who would be looking for a long term position with the possibility for advancement. I believe that checking a person’s job history is vital because you would be looking for someone to stick around and not someone who spends a week or two on the job before they quit without notice. Job history also shows an employer how qualified an applicant might be or what skills the applicant already possess. The next selection tool would be the interview process. The interview process allows the employer to get a feel for the potential candidate. According to Bohlander & Snell (2007), “The interview remains a mainstay of selection because (1) it is especially practical when there are only a small number of applicants; (2) it serves other purposes, such as public relations; and (3) interviewers maintain great faith and confidence in their judgments” (pg. 267). The last selection tool that I selected was the criminal background check. Once I am satisfied that the applicant is potentially qualified, the information about previous employment as well as other information provided by the applicant is investigated” (Bohlander & Snell, 2007). By conducting a background check could prevent many problems such as theft, embezzlement, and workplace violence. I would not want a thief working in my supermarket especially if they were handling the store’s cash transactions. This would add up as a loss for the supermarket. Among the background checks are social security verification, past employment and education verification, and a criminal records check. Other selection tools that were available were motor vehicle check, credit history, verification of professional licenses or certification, and polygraph tests among other selection tools. I felt like these selection tools were too much for a position at a supermarket. If it was a major corporation then some of these tools would come into play. According to Bohlander & Snell (2007), “The polygraph or lie detector is a device that measures the changes in breathing, blood pressure, and pulse of a person being questioned” (pg. 257). However, I believe that polygraph tests are not suitable for hiring in a supermarket, but I believe that the military uses them as well as law enforcement agencies. In this case, the criminal background check that I chose was enough. The motor vehicle check would also not work out when hiring for the supermarket. The employees would not have to transport any goods or services, so there is no need for it. The motor vehicle check is a screening tool used by some Fortune 1,000 companies. Another selection tool was credit reports or credit checks. I feel that credit checks are not suitable to do on employees that apply for a position in a supermarket. I feel that the criminal background check would tell me what I need to know especially if a potential employee has shoplifting or theft on their report. I see this selection tool being used for positions that handle large sums of cash, like a bank teller. I would most definitely use the same selection method for hiring the position in my final project. I chose job history, interview process, and background check, but I will have to add more to the selection process for the position pharmacy technician. I would have to add to the selection tools drug screening, reference check, aptitude test, verification of professional licenses or certification, and education verification. In a pharmacy the pharmacy technician assist the pharmacist with preparing or pulling patient medications whether it is in a retail...
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