Employee Selection

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Employee Selection and Training Paper

Industrial/organization psychology is a configuration of work and methods to advance the productivity in people in his or her workplace. I/O psychology also helps organizations and employers to find potential employees. There are multiple tests used to select and train employees. These tests are used to recognize skills, abilities, and knowledge potential employees contain. There are also different methods used to determine the rank of success of training programs. Evaluations are used by companies to help assess how accurate training programs could be. As evaluations are ongoing to determine the effectiveness of the training programs, there legal and ethical concerns that could occur in the completion of the different training programs. Tests Used to Select and Train Employees

Selection of the proper employee is essential in an organization’s survival because without reliable employees people would not be able to run any business. One main method of selecting employees in today’s society is through the use of an interview. This gives the employer a chance to meet the individual in person and for him or her to view the type of person the individual is and look for KSAOs, which is knowledge, skills, ability, and other characteristics needed in order to be qualified for the job (Spector, 2012). Another part of the selection process might be to administer a test to determine how well the individual might be at completing his or her job. These tests are called ability tests. One ability test is called a cognitive-ability test, which can be done in a setting with many people and tests their ability to solve and is relatively inexpensive (Spector, 2012). These tests can even be done without the use of language and can be administered through the use of a maze or other type of test of ability. Another type of ability test is called the psychomotor ability test. The psychomotor ability test accesses the ability to manipulate objects and use tools (Spector, 2012). This test is excellent in showing hand/eye coordination skills in a job, which relies on production or moving at a rapid pace accurately. For example, in a job where the individual may have to place a label on each bottle that came down a conveyer belt this would be an excellent way to tell if the potential employee would be able to work at a rapid pace. One way this test may be performed is through putting several bolts with nuts in a dish and timing the individual as he or she is putting a nut on each bolt and remove the bolts from each other. Scoring for this test is based on how quick the task can be completed accurately. Training Program Success Methods

Training program evaluations are imperative research tools utilized by companies to determine the programs’ effectiveness. Evaluations should be thorough and continuous because of the valuable information they provide, such as adjusting the effectiveness, eliminating the ineffectiveness, and justifying the organization or company’s training programs. Evaluations of training programs are costly in monies and time for companies; therefore, the collecting and analyzing of data results from trainees’ responses to post surveys and questionnaires. However, a more efficient evaluation includes setting the criteria, choosing the designs, choosing the measures, collecting the data, and analyzing the data (Spector, 2012).

Setting the criteria of the evaluation is essential for choosing the design of the evaluation. A researcher must know what the training intention is. There are two valuable levels of criteria. Training-level criteria concerns the tasks that individuals are to do at the cusp of training (Spector, 2012). Performance-level criteria entail the amount of transfer of the training or the individual’s performance (Spector, 2012). Classification of criteria can be divided further into four areas. Reactions criteria is reference to the trainee’s liking to...
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