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Topics: Advertising, Creativity, Communication design Pages: 6 (1430 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Name: Renuka A. Landge
Roll no. : 54
Topic: Advertising Agency Research
Agency Name: Samarth Creations
Subject professor: Mr. Sagar karande
Class: T.Y.Bmm (Advertising, English Medium)
College: Birla college of Arts, Science and Commerce


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my project guide Mr.Sagar Karande without whose invaluable support and continuous guidance this project would have remained a pipe dream’s per his initiation on me into this project and for his constant source of inspiration and encouragement. I would also like to thank my parents and my friends, who have stood by me whenever needed, and without whose support this task would not have been accomplished. I would like to thank all the people for co-operating with me and to provide their precious time and necessary information regarding the project. Above all, I would like to thank God for giving me the courage and strength to completed the assigned task in the stipulated period of time. Without the help and support of these people, this report would have been very difficult to Accomplish.


I, undersigned, declare that the project title ―Study on Ad Agency - Samarth Creations in partial fulfillment of subject: ―Agency Management is a record of work carried out by me under the guidance of Mr. Sagar Karande.

Approval Sheet

This is to certify that the project is a genuine record of studies carried, under the guidance of Mr.Sagar Karande, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Bachelors of Mass Media.

Submission date: 05/01/2013




About Samarth Creations:-

Samarth Creations is a complete multimedia package for professional and commercial communities, from doctors to game developers, from journalists to jeweler dealers, from farmers to pharmacists around the world with media products that integrate events, online, print and business information. They include a team of crazy youngsters bursting with passion, energy and zeal along with some solid work experience in the field of Filming, Designing and Websites. There is a complete package of creativity and contemporary output which will help create the perfect platform to execute your brand. It deals with all important media product categories and creative services. It endeavors to create not only world-class products and services, but also long lasting relationships with clients. The core team works towards a common goal of productivity and effectiveness, to create the best media solution for a brand and in the most cost-effective way.

What We Do…
Making one of these has everything to do with putting the imagination into action. Executing a brand within the short spell of a minute or less is a challenging task. It requires a great deal of expertise in the field of production and some prodigious editing hands, both of which we provide. This service comes with great promise from a team with many years of work experience in this industry.

We are talking the entire essence of your company's corporate image and strategy being locked in a film, in other words, a Corporate AV. Usable as online videos to attract prospective customers to your websites. We start by understanding your business, your target customer's profile and your objective for developing a corporate film. This is succeeded by a concept, a script & storyboard, and after you loves them, starts the filming, with state-of-the-art technology of course.

With the internet owning the world today, in more than one way, websites are a pre-requisite for every company. So much can be said about what a great website can do for your business. At Samarth creations we first understand the know-how of your products & services, most importantly your business model and then design a website most appropriate for...
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