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OSIM International Limited is a large multinational corporation operating in 28 countries. They are an intellectual property developer offering healthy lifestyle products operating in the retail industry. They control brands, designs, technologies and concepts. OSIM have successfully been able to sustain the competitive environment. Their long term success can be attributed to and improved upon its international management, customer relations, strength of brand, internal policies, orientation towards growth and ability to adapt to new environments, delegation of duties, corporate culture and leadership.

As a multi-national corporation, difficulties can be encountered with management theories and cultural differences. For OSIM to remain successful, their international management must be culturally aware and well informed on international affairs. For sustainability, relevant leadership styles should be adapted to the cultures in which they operate.

The Chinese culture has responded well and is a key market. Their performance in China can be attributed to the management of customer relationships. OSIM implements Total Quality Management and Supply Chain Management. TQM ensures commitment to continuous improvement of current and new products, product quality and customer satisfaction. OSIM have developed a strong brand and as a consequence have won awards for consistently delivering quality products. As a result, the organisation has a loyal customer base. By implementing CEO Ron Sim’s three ‘Rs’ Policy – Resourceful, Resilient and Rebuild, OSIM by being resourceful, have invested into product research and development to produce new brands and outlets. Supply chain management links all operations dealing with resource supplies. The strength of their brand has made them resilient in difficult times. This is their competitive advantage.

As a result of their success and the advantage OSIM maintain over its competitors, OSIM continues to grow...
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