Case Study: Sir Richard Branson: Global Leader in 2010

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  • Published : August 1, 2012
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Case Study: Sir Richard Branson: Global Leader in 2010
International success for an organization requires the expansion of the company into the global market for exposure and the goal of increasing profit margins. Strong leadership skills are an essential key in the success for a global company. Judgment, positive attitude and entrepreneurial thinking, and motivational incentives are additional keys that contribute to the success of an organization.

The strategic leadership ways and personality of Sir Richard Branson proved to be success in the company he led into the global market. His Virgin Galactic company had the vision to be the first company to offer passengers the opportunity to fly into space at the cost of an expensive price as the world’s first spaceline. In addition to offering the hopes of the first spaceline for customers, Branson wanted to expand the global presence even further by participating in joint-venture agreements in telecommunications with China. By incorporating their reputation into the foreign market, the exposure to an untapped market or competitive market, an organization is able to branch out with ideas that will produce additional profits.

The leadership traits that Branson portrayed played a huge part in the motivation skills he used on his employees that increased production, Corporate leadership requires two important areas: content leadership (leader’s attributes and decision making skills) and context leadership (variables dealing with a particular situation). Corporate leadership in global business becomes even more complex when companies enter into other markets, (Deresky, p 402). Motivating his employees an international scale was a challenge that Branson was able to overcome with his leadership skills. He was able to understand that the organizational skills needed to be adaptable to the local cultures which meant that the strategies needed to be altered when appropriate. Leadership is setting a new...
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