You Be the International Consultant

Topics: Management, Work ethic, Organization Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: June 2, 2012
In the International Spotlight – Poland

1. What are some current issues facing Poland? What is the climate for doing business in Poland today? The climate is much better than in previous years. The country isn't an industrial country, so MNCs haven't invested in the country in the past. It is also a newer country to invest in, so the strategic planning and implementation needs to be careful to carry out entry and ownership strategies so the government can't change and take over the investments the MNCs have made in Poland

2. Is the Canadian manufacturing firm using an economic, political or quality imperative approach to strategy? They are using an economic approach strategy. Poland's people are educated and have strong work ethic, second to Korea, and work for low wages. The county also has a strong and modern transportation system, allowing for importing and exporting of the small power tools to be moved for low cost. They are trying to take advantage of the economic situation in Poland.

3. How should the firm carry out the environmental scanning process? Would the process be of any practical value? No internal resource analysis is needed, but the external scanning analysis would be practical. It sounded like they had already done some sort of analysis, since they knew that for the next few years there wouldn't be any small power tools manufacturing competition in this region. Although, factors in the formula in the MNCs goals need to be considered; Profitability, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Human Resources.

4. What are two key factors that will be important if this project is to succeed? The low cost of labor and the direct competition of other small power tools manufacturing in the country are the key factors for this MNC to move its manufacturing into Poland. They will also have to rely on the political and economic environment in Poland to stay the same....
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