Method of Food Preparation

Grilling , Poaching (cooking) , Baking

METHODS OF FOOD PREPARATION Because guests often ask how food on the menu is prepared, you should know the more common preparation methods, as follows: • Baked Cooked by dry, continuous heat in an oven • Boiled Cooked in liquid at the boiling temperature of 100°C ( 212°F) at sea level, so that bubbles rise to the surface and break • Braised Browned in a small amount of fat and then cooked slowly in a little liquid in a covered pan • Broiled Cooked by direct heat, either under the source of heat, as in a broiler, or over the source of heat, as on a “plancha” or flat surface • Fried Cooked in fat. Deep-fried means cooked while immersed in a large amount of fat. • Grilled Cooked over direct heat, usually hot coals or grill • Pan-broiled Cooked in a heavy frying pan over direct heat, using little or no fat (same as broiled) • Poached Simmered in enough liquid to cover the food always below the boiling point, usually at 65°>85°C • Roasted Cooked uncovered without liquids added, usually in an oven • Sautéed or Pan fried Browned or cooked in a small amount of hot fat • Simmered Cooked gently in a liquid over low heat just below the boiling point • Steamed Cooked in steam with or without pressure • Stewed Simmered slowly in a little amount of liquid, covered with a lid • Gratinated (au gratin) cheese topped dish, grilled in a salamander oven presenting a brown/golden crust. • Glazed Cooked in an oven or pan, food is coated with a glossy, sweet or savory substance applied to food by dipping, dripping or with a brush. You can use butter/water with: brown sugar, honey, whole cloves, dry mustard, orange juice…

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