Managing Operations, Information, and Knowledge of Gate Gourmet

Topics: Supply chain management, Enterprise resource planning, Supply chain Pages: 11 (3079 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Managing Operations, Information, and Knowledge of Gate Gourmet Words 3,000


Abstract 4

1.0 Introduction 5
2.0 About Gate Gourmet 5
3.0 Systems that enable efficient use of input resources and their impact on output of goods and services supplied by Gate Gourmet 6 3.1 Transformation Process 6

3.2 Production Techniques 6
1. Cuisine Sous-Vides 6
2. Hot Filling 6
3. Modified Atmosphere Packing 6 4. Food Safety Checks and Assurance Systems 7 5. Gate Serve Provisioning services 7 6. Post Flight Aircraft Stripping 7 2. Existence of Trade-offs within Gate Gourmet and challenges faced by following this approach 8 4.0 Supply Chain Management issues and supplier selection 9 4.1 Supply Chain 9

2. Supply Chain Management 9
3. Impact of integrated system in the management of suppliers and supplier selection 9 1. Alpha Flight Group 9
2. Pourshins 10
3. Supplair 10
4. DeSter 10
5. Potmstudios 11
6. Harmony 11
4. Recommendations for less advanced suppliers to establish consistent standard of operations with the supply chain activities 11 5.0 ERP System 12
5.1 Scala 12
1. E-Gatematrix 12
1. Challenges faced by the company in implementing ERP System 12 2. ERP implementation problems and solutions 13 1. Galley Planning 13
2. Complications of Data 13 3. Business Intelligence and Reporting 14 4. Selection of menus according to the passenger mix 14 6. Huge information used by Gate Gourmet to deliver their service 14 1. Human tacit and implicit knowledge is essential to make sense of hard statistical information and the same is used for enhancing performance 14 7. Conclusion 16

References 17

A biggest challenge for the companies in today’s world is the managing operations, information and knowledge throughout the organisation. Each and every company is struggling for the management of operations, information and knowledge in the competitive market. The whole production and delivery process, challenges with the existence of trade-off, supply chain activities, ERP, and human tacit and implicit knowledge to deal with the processes are discussed in this part with reference to the Gate gourmet Company.

Managing Operations, Information, and Knowledge of Gate Gourmet

1. Introduction
Each company wants to sustain in the highly competitive market. For this, the companies are involved in the management of operations, information and knowledge throughout the organisation, which has now days become of utmost importance. The company go for integration with other firms to improve their processes and for the application of software, which are used uniformly by the different departments of the organisation and their suppliers as well as customers. In the business of catering, providing right quantities at right time at the right place is of greatest importance. For the achievement of the goal, the company that enable efficient use of input resources to generate the effective output uses those systems. The company in integration with the other...
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