Marketing. Chapter 3 Applying Marketing Knowledge

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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1.One thing that might affect their future business is that people like to buy things in bulk. Baby food is something that people with babies need multiple times a day. It’s inconvenient to have to buy a bunch of the small, individual jars. People would probably rather buy larger jars at a time. Another factor is that people lately have become very environmentally friendly. Some people will refuse to buy a product if they think it is a waste of packaging. When they put their product in such a small jar, they just have to keep making more and more to fill the same need that they could fill by simply putting the food into a larger container. Another factor that might affect their sales is the number of competitors that Gerber has now. For a long time Gerber was the number one company for baby food. Now there are starting to be a lot more other brands to choose from. If Gerber wants to stay at the top of their game and still be relevant, they need to do something new to draw attention back to their brand. 2.If I was designing an automobile for the 55+ age group I would include heated seats because older people are always cold. I would also make the car ride lower to the ground so it’s easier for them to get in. The font on the radio dials and A/C buttons and everything would be larger than normal because older people have bad eyesight and can’t always read small letters. 3.The population shift from rural areas to cities will help businesses such as public transportation like subways, and busses. It would also help restaurants in the city because everyone has to eat, and now there are a lot more people there to give them their business. Retailers will have to accommodate the new consumers by hiring more employees to take on the new wave of business. 4.A. Kodak cameras and film are affected by new technologies because people don’t have a need for digital cameras anymore. Everyone has a camera built into their phone which is much more convenient than...
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