Intro to Marketing

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Jaguar and Think Tank
Jaguar is one of the largest secondary sectors in the world, they manufacture luxury cars and they operate in a 169 countries and have 1200 employees. Jaguar has four main site in the UK which include Castle Bromwich, Brown Lane, Gaydon and Whitely. As for think tank is now considered as part of the Birmingham museums and one of the largest museums in England. Think tank makes education for children thrilling and fun so they created a place for children to be educated while having fun. What is marketing? Marketing is about businesses that produce products or services to focus on satisfying the needs and want of a consumer, For Jaguar it is about the promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service, based on the needs and wants of customers which is quoted on their website presentation. Marketing objectives

Marketing objectives is when a business such as Jaguar set a goal to increase productivity and sales and for Jaguar to able to do that, it is important that the Marketing, Sales and Customer service to work together as one, for example if Jaguar goal was to increase sales for the XF type, then the departments would have to set the SMART OBJECTIVE which is S-SPECIFIC the objective must be clearly stated and focused M-MEASURABLE for jaguar to see how it is performing against their objective by knowing the quantity of their performance A-ACHIEVABLE for the objective to be practical it needs to be something jaguar can achieve R-REALISTIC the goal has to be something that jaguar can actually do T-TIME RELATED the objective has to have a time limit otherwise the performance of the objective will be unreliable For Jaguar to do their smart objective it would be when they produce a new type of car to that is targeted at female consumers, for Jaguar to achieve this target they would have to set their objectives by promoting their new product to their existing customers by being specific about the car, whilst they are advertising the new product by saying how it differs from previous types and their unique quality for example the new type of Jaguar is environmental friendly but it’s still fast and luxurious, then Jaguar also has to measure the speed to know it is achievable goal and has to be something real and not a made up fact, the fast car also has a time limit to show the public. As for Think Tank their objective could be to have a new target market such as students from college and universities, so they can make more profit to reinvest in their museum. To target those new market they would have be specific with their goal by calculating those already visiting the museum or try attracting colleges and universities by showing the business side of the museum, where they have an increase of reputation to help them grow and attract more customers. And for Think Tank to measure the their goal if succeeding they would have to monitor their profit to see how much growth they have had before they set the objective and those goals would have to be realistic cause if their objective would have been attract senior public it would have been impossible but senor public with children then that would have been a realistic goal for them to achieve. Branding

Businesses use logo and slogan intending to indentify the goods and service they are selling and also differentiate from other goods and services. Branding is not about getting your targeted markets choose your competitors instead of you but it is about consumers seeing you as the only one who can solve their problems. Their mission statement is to create beautiful fast car and for people to drive them because it keep the business going. Jaguar quoted ‘if we don’t sell cars we won’t exist as a business’. For their Brand to be larger Jaguar works with partners that operate in the same area as them e.g. British Airways, Selfridge etc.. For Jaguar they are recognised for their name ‘Jaguar’ and the wild animal shape that is constantly used on...
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