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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Croatia's nautical tourism – SWOT

(an analysis by PM 5 students 11/2012)

• NATURAL FEATURES: natural beauty, clean sea, indented coastline, numerous islands, national parks, biodiversity, ecologically preserved marine environment and seabed • FAVOURABLE CLIMATE CHARACTERISTICS: favourable winds, no extreme temperatures, no extreme tides or tidal streams • NATURE + CLIMATE = safe navigation, good "experience for money" • Feeling of PERSONAL SAFETY

• GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: vicinity of the main emissive markets • Good traffic infrastructure (coastal airports, highways, ferries) • MARITIME TRADITION: long tradition of boat building and boat maintenance, people familiar with sailing, sea and weather conditions • PEOPLE: friendly, qualified, speaking foreign languages • CULTURAL HERITAGE: material and non-material monuments protected by UNESCO • Market-oriented economy

• CUISINE: local specialties (fish, sea food + vegetables and healthy dishes, smoked ham, cheese, wines)

• Poor TRAFFIC INFRASTRUCTURE and inadequate connections (i.e. airlines, etc.) • Insufficient PORT INFRASTRUCTURE and CAPACITY: insufficient number of berths especially for large yachts. • LOW QUALITY of accommodation facilities

• NON-DIVERSIFIED SERVICE & LACK OF ADDITIONAL SERVICES IN PORTS AND MARINAS: such as repairs & maintenance, recreation facilities (fitness, sauna, scuba diving, riding, trips...) kindergartens, entertainment facilities (events, workshops, night life...) • LACKING OR NON-DIVERSIFIED SERVICE = insufficient "value for money" • SHORT SEASON: June, July, August and September are considered as "season"; lack of service / experience / value out of the "season" • ADMINISTRATIVE OBSTACLES: complicated paperwork, too much time is required for granting concessions, obtaining any permits for building, etc.; inconsistency of legislation, inconsistency in implementing the law and...
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