The Tourism in Hong Kong

Topics: Lantau Island, Hong Kong, Tian Tan Buddha Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: April 9, 2013
The tourism in Hong Kong
Hong has a lot of tourism, and a lot of places t go and vist but these 10 are the most famous and favorites. * Avenue of stars
Stunning views of the harbour tower above you, while the names of Hong Kong's movie icons lie beneath your feet * The peak
Out-of-this-world view of skyscrapers, the glittering harbour and the green hills of the distant New Territories * Ladies market
About a klick of street-market bustle and clothing, accessories and souvenir bargains * Clock tower
A landmark from the Age of Steam and a reminder of Hong Kong's colonial heritage * Hong Kong Disneyland
Magic, adventure and the world’s favorite cast of characters await. Embark on a journey with magical adventures for all ages! * Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
Take a walk on the bright side! Stroll along the waterfront with your eyes locked on one of the world's most spectacular city skylines. * Ocean park Hong Kong
Thrill rides, giant pandas and a world-class aquarium keep Ocean Park on Hong Kong's favorite list. * Temple street night market
Souvenirs, snacks, opera singers and fortune tellers - ordered chaos in action. * Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (and Golden Bauhinia Square) One of Hong Kong's more striking constructions provides the backdrop for a ceremony rich with historical significance. * The big Buddha and po lin monastery

A beautiful monastery and an impressive giant, bronze Buddha set in the natural beauty of Lantau Island.

Hong Kong gastronomy
Hong Kong has a variety of food, but is probably famous for its 

* Dim sum
A delicious meal, an interesting food culture and a city’s favourite pastime all in one! * Sea food
Hong Kong sometimes likes it fancy, sometimes frugal, but always fresh!

* Chinese barbecue
Tuck into some deliciously seasoned roast meats

* Fusion
Try the fused flavors of Asia’s world city.

* Fine dining
Treat yourself to some of the world’s finest dining...
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