Best Convention Venue in Singapore

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Field Trip Journal - Singapore
Topic: “The Best Venue Visited during the Field Trip with Explanation”

eing the main convention venue in Singapore, the Sands Expo and Convention Center has held more than 700 events in its first year of opening. With its construction, the Sands is a turning point in Singapore’s MICE industry. While the Singaporean government heavily positions the destination to be a tourism and event hub, thanks to this concrete stepping stone, Singapore has successfully climbed up the ranks to second on the “Top international meeting countries” list according to UIA (2010). With this honor, Marina Bay Sands is definitely an important attraction that could not be missed.

Secret of Marina Bay Sands: perfect location

As the biggest MICE facility in Singapore, the Sands Expo and Convention Center locates only approximately 20 minutes from the Changi International Airport and 10 minutes from the city center, which makes good connectivity to be one of its strengths. As location is a crucial determinant to whether a convention center can be successful or not, proximity to city center and airport give valid reasons for the Sands to be one of the best locations for convention.

Diversified infrastructure adds value to the convention center

What impress me the most are the infrastructure and environmental elements in the Marina Bay Sands complex. To be a successful convention center, these two elements serve as other crucial determinants and the Sands Expo and Convention Center has fully displayed its strength in these aspects. While the convention center locates within the complex of Marina Bay Sands, on the way to Marina Bay Sands, one would pass one of the most historical accommodations in Singapore – the Fullerton. The historical feeling starts a wonderful journey into the Marina Bay Sands.

Not to mention the iconic landmark of the three-tower design with a ship on top of the Sands Hotel and the lotus-like ArtScience Museum which adds...
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