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SWOT Analysis
Robin Bragg
Business 210/Foundation of Business
March 2, 2013
Mike Estipona

Doggie daycare is becoming a very big deal in the world. People who have to work all day and don’t have the time to make sure their dogs are walked, or taken outside are taking their dogs to doggie daycare.

When customers need a place to take their pets to get exercise, socialized with other pets, and feel like they are needed doggie daycare is the place for them to be. Some dogs have issues when they are left home alone all day they tend to destroy furniture, garbage, and shoes. The employees at doggie daycare will be with them all day making sure they get walked, played with, and exercised when need be. Doggie daycare has a cheap startup cost the main costs will be utilities and rent for the building. Other costs might be getting beds for the dogs, dog food, and treats to keep them happy. Employing people, who are trained to bathe, groom, and walk dogs will help to bring in the clientele to start. Word of month from other clients will help bring in more customers if the dog is happy the owners will be happy.

There is some high and lows of running a doggie daycare. We need to make sure we have enough room for all the dogs we might take in. When we talk to the owners we need to ask them if the animals get along with others, or if they tend to bite other dogs or people. We must limit the kind of dogs we take in, for instance aggressive dogs, and one’s that don’t get along with others. Since some dogs can be aggressive, we need the owners to sign a waiver that they are liable for whatever their dog does, and won’t hold the facility liable.

Where I live we don’t have anything like a doggie daycare near me. With opening up one we can groom, board dogs, and help the working family to keep their dogs happy. This would be an opportunity to start a business in my area where I am widely known by the town and would get the customers to...
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