List of Collective Nouns

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These collective nouns are commonly used under the category of people.

A class of students.

An army of soldiers.

A choir of singers.

A crew of sailors.

A band of musicians.

A bunch of crooks.

A crowd of people/spectators.

A gang of thieves.

A group of dancers.

A team of players.

A troupe of artists/dancers.

A pack of thieves.

A staff of employees.

A regiment of soldiers.

A tribe of natives.

An audience of listeners.

A panel of experts.

A gang of labourers.

A flock of tourists.

A board of directors.

The following collective nouns are used for animals.

A catch of fish.

An army of ants.

A flight of birds.

A flock of birds.

A haul of fish.

A flock of sheep.

A herd of deer/cattle/elephants/goats/buffaloes.

A hive of bees.

A litter of cubs.

A host of sparrows.

A team of horses.

A troop of lions.

A zoo of wild animals.

A pack of wolves.

A litter of puppies/kittens.

A swarm of bees/ants/rats/flies.

A team of horses/ducks/oxen.

A murder of crows.

A kennel of dogs.

A pack of hounds.

The following collective nouns are used for things.

A group of islands.

A galaxy of stars.

A wad of notes.

A forest of trees.

A stack of wood.

A fleet of ships.

A string of pearls.

An album of stamps/autographs/photographs.

A hedge of bushes.

A library of books.

A basket of fruit.

A bowl of rice.

A pack of cards.

A pair of shoes.

A bouquet of flowers.

A bunch of keys.

A chest of drawers.

A pack of lies.

A range of mountains.

A cloud of dust.
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