Secret Societies

Topics: George W. Bush, Secret society, National Pan-Hellenic Council Pages: 6 (2335 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Today in the US secret societies are becoming a fascinating topic, and the US seems to be threatened by them. Major Political figures and now even Musical entertainers are being rumored to be in some of these secret societies. But what are they all really about? What is their history? What are their purposes and goals, and achievements? Do they have any deeper meaning to what is revealed? Many would like to know just how these are run, and soon bring it all to light.

Strange allegories about death and resurrection, mysterious astrological symbols and bizarre rituals are just some of the trimmings of secret societies. These sects, cults, brotherhoods & sisterhoods, and orders have thrilled powerful curiosity for as long at they have existed. Taking a look inside these fascinating, closed worlds is something everyone wants to do, what exactly is it? That is the question. “They are seen as the bogeymen of our time. Are these groups really something to be feared?” This quote from Mysteries of History: Secret Societies is the basis for the ideas in this essay. The groups being spoken about in the quote are ones that hold many covert ideas and powerful purposes to which most of the public have no clue. What really is a secret society? There is no actual definition to what a secret society really is, each individual groups defines itself. Each group has its own set of morals and values that deeply identify what it is. Throughout history, there have been a large amount of people who join these groups, but why they join is something they will forever keep to themselves. It mostly started with your average rebel forming a group against views they do not agree with, or against their current governmental situation. Evan today there are major politicians, like, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and even George Washington; have been said to be part of these groups. And it seems that entertainers are following the trend. Rappers Jay-Z and Kanye west, and Singer Rihanna are rumored to be part of the list of members. So many men dating back to the before French Revolution have been accused to starting wars, engaging in assassinations, kidnapping, drug dealing, group sex, cannibalism, polygamy, and countless bizarre rituals. As uncanny as it sounds some have been inspired by a man who probably never existed. The most popular secret society that is many years old are the Free Masons. This society, over the years has grown and many different groups have branched from it with the same morals and ethical preferences. According to Top Tenz, The number of members a part of this fraternal group is well into the millions. Over 5 million people in the world associate themselves with Freemasons and fourteen of our nations Presidents are known to be Freemasons. There are documents that date back to 1300 in relations to the existence of the organization, but the group was officially founded in 1717. People often wonder what it takes to be a part of these societies. For each organization initiates must go through a process in order to become an official member of the union. For Freemasons, with their huge membership and different lodges across the world, present-day Freemasonry no longer has the same general principles as it did in the old days. One tradition that has remained regular is the process for induction. New comers must be recommended to the group by someone who is already a Mason, and once a member they must pass through three different degrees of standing before reaching the level of “Master Masonry.” Members also have certain given modes of greeting one another, including handshakes, gestures, and passwords, and non-masons are always banned from attending meetings. There are two major parts of joining or being a part of a secret society. The first thing you need to do is pick which organization is right for you. Determining this will require a bit of research. Most established secret societies have at least some...
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